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Poster: DeadRed1971 Date: May 16, 2012 7:55am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Grateful Dead vs. Led Zeppelin

It was a 1977 Day on the Green show at Oakland Coliseum (LZ, Derringer, and Judas Priest) where the incident happened:

The tour also experienced some unsavory backstage problems, exacerbated by the hiring of London gangster John Bindon as Led Zeppelin's security coordinator. After a 23 July show[13] at the "Days on the Green" festival at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California, Bindon, band manager Peter Grant and band member John Bonham were arrested after a member of promoter Bill Graham's staff was badly beaten during the performance. A member of the staff had struck Grant's 11-year old son when he was taking down a dressing room sign. This was seen by Bonham, who then walked over and kicked the man. Later, when Grant heard about this, he went into the trailer, along with Bindon and savagely assaulted the man with tour manager Richard Cole guarding the door and also roughing up another member of Graham's staff.

Led Zeppelin's second Oakland show took place only after Bill Graham signed a letter of indemnification absolving Led Zeppelin from responsibility for the previous night's incident. However, Graham refused to honour the letter and assault charges were laid against Grant, Cole, Bindon, and Bonham when the band arrived back at their hotel. The four received bail, whereupon a suit was filed against them by Graham for $2 million.[3][14] Led Zeppelin offered to settle and all four pleaded nolo contendere, receiving suspended sentences and fines.[3] Later, Graham went on San Francisco rock stations KSAN and KMEL and flatly announced that he would never book Led Zeppelin again.[15][16]